Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Every day is a new bouquet

Spring is coming too early. Color is exploding all around us here. Each day is a new bouquet. Today, as I drove to the bank, I passed the city's walking track.

The entryway was a cloud of white blossoms on a stand of Bradford Pear. I'm not wild about those trees, but I have to admit they put on a show in early spring.

Over the coming days, I'll shoot some more photos of other trees and blooming shrubs. Any of the fragile ones may get bit this weekend because the local weatherman is predicting a light frost.

Thankfully, our peach, apple and pear trees are holding back. I'll cover the small apricot and hopefully, it will survive the cold snap. But that's the nature of the beast here in Alabama.

The weather can be remarkable one day and a news headline the next.


  1. How wonderful you are experiencing natures fling there ! I do hope the cold snap is a mild one for you. I needed to see those blooms this morning as it is so dark and dreary here. Eventually we'll be seeing those pear trees bloom too, but not today!

  2. Enjoy the gift of blooms all around you. There's nothing we can do to steer the weather to go the way we want.
    Every late winter, I wait and count the days to Spring and I watch for my first signs of spring. I wait for the red breast robin to make his appearance and the maple trees to bud and the first little bulbs to poke through the cold ground. Que sera, sera, what will be, will be.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. EVEN in Florida those SPRING trees throw out their smiles and colors. Love it...

  4. Beautiful shot!
    Im not a fan of the Bradford pears either. They stink and their life is short. But do display beautiful first signs of spring.

  5. Maybe our trees will begin to flower in about a month. I look forward to it.

  6. Those pear trees are popular here too but still many weeks away from blooming. I feel like I get to enjoy Spring twice when I read your blog and then look forward to ours! Although today is 62de, Friday is calling for snow...never can tell up here what will happen! I'll look forward to more Spring color from Alabama!

  7. I won't see trees like this until May! I am aching like a bugger and that is because we are supposed to get rain, freezing rain turning to snow all over night. Can't wait to see what Friday morning will be like


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