Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. It's rained here all day. We'd planned to go out tonight for dinner at our favorite restaurant, but I hate driving at night when the weather is bad so we're postponing our special dinner until the weekend when the weather is supposed to be better.

Jilda has had inner ear issues this week. She missed a day of work which is rare for her. She'd seen a doctor and he'd given her steroids to help the issue but it's taking a while to make things better.

She usually gets me a card and other things for Valentine's Day. Since she couldn't get out, she made me one. I think it's better than any she could have bought.

Tonight she made a special meal and we had a toast for Valentine's Day.  

I hope today has been a good one for you all too.

The caption reads: It's always a sunny day at the beach with you.


  1. Dinner is better after Valentine's Day...cheaper too.

    She could work for Hallmark.

  2. How nice to get a homemade card from your sweetheart. I hope Jilda will feel better soon.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Dear Rick, always. always. always. homemade with love is better than anything else! I hope Jilda is okay soon. I hope she didn't experience dizziness or loss of balance.

    I wanted to tell you that my niece is going to do my author web page after we self-publish my convent memoir. I hope that will be the last part of March or early April. There's a lot to learn as I take the self-publishing route. But I'm pleased with the memoir. It taught me a lot as I worked on it. Peace.

  4. Love the card. Hits home better than any purchased Hallmark! ;-)

  5. A precious day for you both.

    I found some really cheap construction paper left over from my gr-son's visit. Managed to put together a card (without tearing the paper). Hallmark: in your face!

  6. You are so lucky to have a gem like Jilda.

  7. Love her homemade card which is better than any card she could have bought. It sounds like your Valentin'e was quite nice. I hope jilda feels better soon

  8. Happy Valentine's Day...a day you both! Jilda's card is perfect and so much better than any Hallmark! It rained here too and our big dinner turned into a Burger King moment! Ha!

  9. Beautiful card. Hope it's a beautiful weekend as well. And a speedy recovery from ear ills. All my best wishes to you both.


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