Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sound improvement

We've been making improvements to our live sound system we use when performing. We have gigs booked beginning in March so we're working out all the kinks. 

Our buddy Fred was a sound engineer for years. He worked for big acts like Little Texas and other groups. The road was brutal and took its toll on his body. He changed career directions. Now he works with Jilda at the addiction center. He's good at that too. But thankfully he still enjoys doing live sound.

When I told him that I want to upgrade the live sound of my guitar, he was all over it. I took our sound cabinet to him last week and he added a sound module that is perfect for my guitar. He also rewired the cabinet to make it idiot proof. It has labels and goes together in minutes. Before he did his magic, it took close to an hour prior to every show to put wire all the components together. Now it's plug and play. I love it.

Jilda and I owe him a trip to Niki's Restaurant. It's his favorite restaurant. This is fortunate because it's also our favorite restaurant.

Tonight we'll fall asleep to the sound of rain on our metal roof.


  1. Y'all are looking good. It is great when you have a friend whose knows some techy stuff to assist. I am always amazed at the knobs and dials on a professional sound board. Since I have always had bad hearing I had a doctor once tell me, don't wast you money on anything higher than 'Silver Tone'. LOL

  2. You guys have it all together. Good sounds, good friends and good restaurant.
    Have fun paying your music.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. It's good to have friends who can give you a hand.

  4. It's nice to have friends like this, and working out all of the kinks in your system making everything plug and play is well worth taking Fred out to his favorite restaurant.

  5. Nice to have good friends like that. I'd be taking him out to dinner too. We have the pitter patter of rain on the roof this afternoon, but hopefully I won't fall asleep. I'd like to get through the Sunday paper first anyway.

  6. Its nice to have friends like that. We slept during some really hard rain last night. I love it though. Nice photo of you kids.


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