Friday, February 23, 2018


The air today felt like it was May. Jilda and I spent hours on the road today and spring is trying its best to...well, spring.  The Bradford Pears are blooming of course, but those trees are stupid. They leap for spring and then are often bitten before warm weather REALLY arrives around late March.

Plum and tulip trees are also in full bloom. Each time I tried to slow down enough to take pictures today, cars came up behind me so I drove on.

Our camelia bush is one thing that is supposed to bloom right now. And, it looks remarkable. I think Jilda posted a picture of our bush earlier in the week so call me a copycat, but it's the only picture I have today.

I hope your Friday has been grand, as the Irish say.


  1. Nothing is blooming around here because it is still snowing. Ugh!

  2. Beautiful capture. BUT, but imma tell you me'n bubba ain't got time for you to slow down in front of us to take no pictures, we gotta be some where and you are slowing us down! ;-)

  3. You're getting an early spring. You must have a different groundhog than we do.

  4. This is such a beautiful picture. I can’t believe all the flowers coming up

  5. Dear Rick, my Friday was grand. My niece and I met about the memoir publication and about my author web site. Everything is moving quickly now and I'm in the marketing mode. The book is due on Amazon on March 21 and that's the deadline the two of us are hurrying toward!

    Thanks for the lovely photo--no matter where it was first posted. The thing about the Bradford Pear here in Missouri is that ice storms wreck its limbs and the tree doesn't last long. Peace.

  6. What a gorgeous Camelia bloom. I've started some geranium seeds and I wonder how long before I can see the first little leaves peek out from the growing medium in the little pots... It would be a lot easier to buy them already blooming but I like a challenge.
    Have a great weekend and get some rest.
    Hugs, Julia


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