Sunday, February 11, 2018

Moss tie

I'm glad we didn't go to the beach this weekend. There were a number of things on my ToDo list that I'd been shuffling. This weekend, I knocked out most of the "Crap I Dread" off my list.

This evening I'm tired but happy. Jilda is feeling much better. A beach trip would not have been fun had she not been feeling well.

We took time to walk this morning when it the rain took a rest. We walked on an en emerald carpet of moss behind the barn. A few weeks ago, the color was closer to amber. Rain with do that.

I'm running out of steam so I'll leave you with a mossy picture.


  1. I always have to stop and look when I see thick spreads of moss. Natures carpet.

  2. Moss is really beautiful and it does resemble a carpet. I'm glad Jilda is feeling better and that you knocked out some items on your to do list. That makes a very good day.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Sound like the weekend was a good one after all only quite different. No one wants to go on vacation when they aren't feeling well. You always catch the unusual in your pictures. You do have a good eye for the beautiful.

  4. Hope y'all feel on top of the world this Monday. I know there are lots of tales under that moss in the life of that 'Tie'.

  5. I love moss and this looks so bright against the reddish background and the old cabin in the back. Glad Jilda is feeling better


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