Thursday, February 01, 2018

The rain came

The weatherman said rain was moving in, but it was hard to tell at lunchtime. While jilda made us sandwiches, I sat on the back deck to take in some rays. My weather app said it was 65 but sitting there with the sun on my face, it felt warmer.

When she headed to work, I headed to the Seed and Feed store for dog food and birdseed. Before pulling from my driveway, I had to dig my Ray Bans from the dash pocket.

But as I pulled into the feed store, flecks of rain spotted my windshield. I had the dockworkers put the feed in the cab instead of the bed.

The sky went from sunny to cloudy as the evening came. Jilda arrived home and shortly afterward the approaching cold front pushed a squally over. Rain made the tin roof roar.

Tomorrow, the temps will only reach the 40s. I'm glad I had a chance to spend some time in the sun while it lasted.


  1. We had a glorious red sunset much like yours last night. It would be wonderful to sit and soak up some it's only 14 degrees and it's not going to get much warmer and the Groundhog says 6 more weeks of winter!

  2. I miss a pickup. I drove one for so long I seem to treat our cars like one. When we get 'off the road' Imma get a truck and a 20 year old Caddy or Lincoln. At 90 I'll probably need a TANK. LOL
    WOW looks like a forest fire in that shot. Beautiful!

  3. That photo is breath taking!!!

  4. This past summer I got my husband to pick up a load of calf feed in bags for my calves with his pick-up. I'm usually the one who goes to pick those at Feed n' Need, (just a bit of a different name) and although his truck has enough room in the cab, he got the guys put it in the back.

    Well, it started to downpour and he got stuck in traffic and my grain got wet. lol...
    Wow, a very colorful picture.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. This time of year you have to be prepared for almost any kind of weather.

  6. Dear Rick, I love a good rain, and when the drops hit a tin roof I feel especially ready to dance! Thanks for sharing. Peace.

  7. What an amazing photo, rain is good, too much rain not so much

  8. That photo is other-worldly! Awesome!


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