Thursday, February 22, 2018

Warmy-warmo here

It was warm enough to swim today. The blinking bank sign said 83 degrees, but I'm sure it went up before it started going down.

This morning, I put the saw blade on my Husqvarna weedeater and went to war with privets. Catching them at this time was perfect. After about an hour of work with an angry saw, I came in to cool down.

After lunch, Jilda had head to work so I took the opportunity to go to the seed and feed store, to Harbor Freight, and a quick run to Walmart before heading home.

It's been a good day. 


  1. Look at the Daffodils with the bright green. It is much warmer there and tomorrow it is supposed to be 10C...that is high for us

  2. Oh, Daffodils! I miss seeing those. Here in desert S. California, we see those only in flower shops.

    We are having some winter weather finally. We traded our temp. for yours. Pruned roses last month, had temps. in 80s, and roses are now growing leaves and stems. Confused.

  3. Above normal temps here in NC as well.
    Love the daffodils.

  4. My Daffodils still have not bloomed. I thought for sure they would this year but they just bud up and die. All the neighbors have a beautiful show of yellow everywhere!!

  5. Just starting to see sprouts here, hope we don't get a freeze to throw them off.

  6. Your daffodils are beautiful. Mine ate still under the frozen ground.
    It was cold this morning, 6.8℉. It's supposed to go up to 37.4℉. today with sunny skies.

  7. It might just be spring, but those colors leap off the screen. That I love!

  8. Wow, do you normally have temp's that high in February? Our weather is crazy, and although we've had a warmer than normal winter, Romeo & I think there's a winter storm somewhere between here and spring.. :-)

    1. It's not normal, but it's not that unusual here. Last year I could have worn shorts most of the year
      This year it got cold for several weeks. Our fruit trees and blueberry bushes rejoiced.

  9. I was happy when we hit 71 this week followed by cold again, ice and a bit of snow. Then back to warm. No wonder there's still so much flu going around here! My daffodils are about 2in. out of the ground but I'll look forward to when my yard looks as green and lovely as your pic!


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