Thursday, February 08, 2018


It's often better to get a photograph of someone who isn't looking. People a drilled almost from birth to "SMILE" at the camera. Most of these smiles are as artificial as soft-drink sweetener.

I struggle to look natural in a picture. It is practically impossible to take a picture of my niece Jayna without her talking or making a face. I've taken hundreds of pictures of her and I have two that capture her pretty face.

Jilda, on the other hand, is a natural in front of a camera. It's difficult to take a bad picture of her. I guess that's why Seventeen Magazine published photographs of her when she was in fashion college in the early 70s.

I love taking pictures and on rare occasions when I snap a picture that resonates, it feels good.

Today was a writing day. I spent most of the time cooped up in my office slamming out words.

Right now, I plan to pour me a glass of Merlot and kick my feet up for a while.


  1. I never get why young girls have to stick out their tongue or do that fish lip thing.

  2. One of my daughter always makes a face when in front of the camera. She can't help it and my husband stiffens up in front of the camera almost like a military
    A great picture of Jilda.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. She is a natural and it's a great picture !

  4. I enjoy pictures of just life. I love a smile, a natural smile that makes you feel warm.

  5. Great candid image of Jilda, Rick. 'Long as I can remember, I've loathed posing for pictures ... and it shows.

  6. Wonderful picture. She IS a natural beauty.

  7. Dear Rick, my great-niece, who is a professional photographer, will be taking my photo next week for my new author website. So, like you, I will try to appear natural! Peace.

  8. Jilda is a beauty and I also think what sets her apart is her sweet spirit also shines through...that to me makes a great shot!

  9. She is lovely, your Jilda! You are blessed to have such a partner in life.


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