Friday, July 06, 2018


Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a little envious of our friends Wes and Deidra. Seven years ago they invited us to vacation with them in Telluride, Colorado. They had a condo with several bedrooms. Both their daughters were too young to date then. We all had bedrooms with private baths.

The altitude took some getting used to. The thin air caused Jilda did pass out once as she was coming back from the bathroom one evening and she whacked her head on a wall. She was a little embarrassed, but she wasn't hurt. But the town was incredible. We fell in love with that place.

Well, both their kids had the audacity to grow up and get married. This year, THEY All went to Telluride and apparently our invitations were lost in the mail or in cyberspace (this should be read with dripping sarcasm.) We're miffed :) Well, not really miffed, but we are envious.


  1. Oh wow. What an incredible place.

    1. It really is remarkable. There are not many places where we felt at home. We did in Ireland and Northern California. But also in Telluride.

  2. It is almost surreal. Imagine being able to see that each morning.

  3. Some places are worth a smack in the head..that looks like the place! Isn't it funny how some places just make you feel like home?

  4. Dear ones, don't be envious, be unmiffed. I don't accept invitations that take me over 500 feet above sea-level. Norma could do fine in the stratosphere but I worked around awful things for many years and know my limits. I do take a pulse-oximeter with me when I travel over mountains, but exertion there is a thing of the past. Don't dare despair; there are plenty of us congenial lowlanders to befriend.

  5. It is beautiful, and a place that really took your breath away. Literally!

  6. Wow talk about “purple mountain majesties! Just beautiful!!!

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