Friday, July 27, 2018

Hello butterfly

We left our lettuce to go to seed in a small tray on our back deck. It was almost ready to harvest this week when I noticed some of the leaves were gone.

Looking more closely, I realized it was filled with worms. They looked like a smaller cousin to the ones that eat tomatoes. But they were different.

We had a similar problem last year. Catching them early in their feeding frenzy, I smited them smartly. After I'd cleaned house, I Googled the critters to see what kind they were.

As it turns out, they were monarch butterfly caterpillars. Had I left them along, we would have had even more butterflies in our yard. It made me sad that I didn't realize this before it was too late.

But this year, I knew better so I let them eat the lettuce. When they'd eaten all the lettuce, I moved the tray down to the ground under our butterfly bush. We read that they like those bushes too. We weren't excited but them eating our beloved butterfly bush, but taking the long view, it was a small price to pay.

The only thing, I've checked every day since I moved them and they aren't in the bush. I figured the birds had eaten them. This morning I snapped a picture of our blazing star which is nearby. I didn't notice them at the time, but just now when I enlarged the picture to post, I noticed my friends on this bush. If you look closely, you can see them too.

Hello, butterfly.


  1. So you gave up lettuce in order to have butterflies. I guess they don't like the blazing star.

  2. I'll take your word for it, but I don't see any butterfly. I think I see Waldo in the corner though.

    1. It’s not a butterfly yet, it’s a caterpillar that will morph into a monarch soon. It’s on the upper right of the flower and the leaf beside it.

  3. Hello beautiful. And I love the Blazing Star too.

  4. Well thats mighty thoughtful of you to give the worms your lettuce. Hopefully they will come back in the Spring and thank you once they sprout their wings.

  5. I see it! I hope they come and say thanks when they turn into those beautiful butterflies. I also hope you catch a good shot! You'll feel like a proud papa!

  6. So nice of you to give your lettuce over to the caterpillars. Butterflies are so beautiful and well worth the donation! Isn't nature wonderful !

  7. Trading lettuce for butterflies is brilliant. I'd rather look at butterflies than eat lettuce any day.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Anonymous2:32 PM

    But can you make a good salad with butterflies?

  9. Yeah, I spotted the one on the flower of course, but in the beginning as I was looking I thought I saw a 'baby monarch' orange and black on the right of the flower,ha, then realized 'There ain't no BABY monarchs.' hahaha

  10. I think I see the caterpillar but not sure. We have butterfly bushes and we bought milkweed which is the only plant they are supposed to lay their eggs on and have the caterpillars which turn into the monarchs. We hope we get some, right now we are d8ght8ng the dreaded aphids on our milkweed.


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