Thursday, July 12, 2018

Lunar Eclipse

There's a lunar eclipse in our future. Some folks are non-chalant about this, but Jilda and I celebrate celestual events.

We prepared for the last solar eclipse weeks in advance. We bought special glasses and had an eclipse celebration. Our great nephew Jordan was here to experience it with us.

We've instilled the excitement of these events in him and he's excited about the upcoming eclipse too.

I now have a much better camera than I had the last time so I hope to capture some pictures to share.

If you live in much of Europe, much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South in North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica could see at least part of the eclipse.

I think we'll crank up the firepit and do s'mores while we enjoy the show. Do they make lunar eclipse glasses?

This is not an eclipse but it's the only picture I'd taken that I  could find of a full moon. 


  1. Jordan gets excited about a lot of stuff and you keep him busy!

  2. Hooray for marvelling at the sky. And I hope (greedily) that your photos are EXCELLENT.

  3. I've put it in my diary and am hoping it is not an overcast night...


  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. We will have to go out and enjoy the night skt that evening. I will mark my calander. Hopefully we will be on the beach.

  6. I did hear about a lunar eclipse and envy you both your fire and smores. I rarely venture outside after dark anymore. But the skies are amazing and hold lots of wondrous sights!

  7. You had me at s'mores

  8. Dear Rick, when I see the sky at night or the wonder of an eclipse, I find myself always thinking of her far, far, far ancestors and their religion based on nature with its power and wonder and mastery. Thanks for the photo and the info also. Peace.

  9. We will miss it here. I know we'll read all about it from you though. Can't wait.

  10. Enjoy the lunar eclipse. It sound like fun when you make it a special occasion. S'mores sound about right.
    Hugs, Julia

  11. Anonymous12:58 PM

    Keep Jordan excited about life!!


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