Sunday, July 22, 2018

What more could one ask for?

Did I mention that the performance we attended last night was HOT. We arrived at 6:30 p.m. to eat before the show. We thought we were early for the show that started at 8 but we learned we were late.

The place was packed. The stage is under an outside pavilion. That was full. We got a table with under a tent that was adjacent to the stage. They had chicken fans blowing from each corner, but the sun had not set and the table where we sat was not shaded. We had to tough it out for about 30 minutes before the sun dipped low enough to give the chicken fans a chance.

The two ladies who'd let us sit with them got a better offer for a table in front of the stage so we told the waitress that if they had people looking for a place to sit they could join us. Four people were there within minutes. A young man and his young daughter were the first, and then a couple of newlyweds on their second go-around at love arrived a few moments later.  We had a quorum.

A girl about seven years old had been sitting at the table behind us came up when she noticed the young lady at our table. They were the same age and became instant friends. In fact, they made it their mission to keep us cool.

The picture below was taken in harsh light. I exposed the pictures for the colors in the fan, but I had to tweak the exposure so that you could get a glimpse of an angelic face.

Had we chosen to sit alone, we would have sat simmering alone. As it is, we had our own personal air conditioners. What more could one ask for?


  1. Enjoyed the trip with you, but I am a little cooler. LOL Chicken fan? New name to me. Must be ones used in chicken houses.Sounds like a fun time especially after the sun dipped!

  2. Even as a spectator you had a fan.

  3. Smiling. And you are very right about that angelic face (though I am sure it is capable of mischief).

  4. She is very cute and probably a future entertainer by the look of it.
    I'm glad you had a great time.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. In my younger days I could enjoy outdoor events like that and yes, we did use fans like that in your picture. Now I'm sorry to say I avoid places like that and stay home where the air conditioning makes me very comfortable. Sad to say though, I do miss a lot of good times. That little lady with the fan is adorable.

  6. Oh my word, those eyes! Hard to believe, but Alabama feels significantly cooler than what I experienced in Florida last week.

  7. That little cutie has already mastered the use of a fan. How adorably Southern Belle of her.

  8. This is just precious! Its nice to make new friends especially when music is involved.

  9. Glad you took to the stage finally! Little lady flashed those eyes so well.

  10. That is such a pretty fan and such a pretty lass

  11. I hope the concert was as "hot" as the temp! Looks like you made the best of the situation and made some friends along the way..a winner, winner chicken dinner!

  12. I am not a kid kind of gal but this little girl is a cutie! She looks so sweet and happy being your fan:). I hope it was a good night


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