Sunday, July 29, 2018

Next year

We could be charged with garden neglect this year. We have no defense. One look at our garden and any garden detective would ask, "When's the last time those tomatoes were weeded?"
A, I'm not sure officer. "Shut up slacker. I see the answer in the knee-high grass around the roots."

"What about these peppers?"

Well, it was my intention......

"The road to HELL is paved with good intentions, SLACKER!!!"

"These poor zinnias. Well, actually that grass growing around the zinnias is a variety that butterflies love, so I'll no write you up on those."

This has been a crazy summer. It rained and then turned into Hades. It's been hectic. Even though our garden has been neglected, it keeps baring.

If I took a picture of the tomatoes, herbs, and other plants we have in planters, they would tell a different story.

I said all this to say, next year, we plan to do raised bed gardens.


  1. Raised beds will make it easier to be more hands-on with the weeds. And it will be easier on backs and knees. What's not to like about all that?

  2. First I need to say a big "CONGRATS!!" to your nephew Jordan on his state champ swim win...what a marvelous accomplishment and he's only 10! Way to go! As for the garden, well, I had many plans myself this year with putting in a few new beds but then that never happened. We do have raised beds for the veggies and it helps a lot with weeding. So go for it next year and truly, you're no slacker!

  3. I think most gardeners will wince in rueful sympathy. And yes, I have rather a lot of good intentions too...

  4. Rick, you certainly are NOT a slacker. You're like me in a way with just too much to do.
    The weed problem is universal and unfortunately, it's like the old saying goes, One year of seeding means 7 years of weeding.

    For me, I can blame the flood for all those weeds. lol. It really did brought a lot of weeds.
    I always say that I'll do better next year but something always comes up to ruin my plans.
    Have a great week.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. I would be much like you when it comes to slacking...all that heat and humidity would do me in. I used to have flower gardens and flower beds all around my old house and it did mean a lot of work. Thankfully I downsized and no longer have to do it all. I have 4 flower boxes and a few hanging pots and 2 flowering Rose of Sharon bushes out front. Certainly makes living easier here at my house.

  6. I haven't had a proper garden in over 5 years ~ it all started with the summer we had so many mice, I had to tear everything out. My traps we full within the hour, and although I don't want mice in my house, I didn't enjoy killing them either. So away went my veggies. I have annuals that come up every year & I tend to them. But next spring I will be done with college and can once again put in a proper garden.

  7. I was not a slackard, however my plants pooped out on me with all this heat!

  8. Okay, I am proud of me, I know zinnias! LOL NEXT year Imma going to raise some delicious tomatoes, I just know it.
    An old man came to our table this morning and gave everyone a homegrown tomatoes. Imma going to do that next year! (NEXT YEAR)
    fROM nc, sHERRY & JACK

  9. No matter what anyone says I like it. A slightly wild look is beautiful to me.

  10. You have flowers which is great. Ours looks good but that’s not due to me at all. If I touch a plant, it becomes the Adam’s Family garden. My hubby is great with a garden and he never knew that until he met me. He loves it

  11. Theyd really lock me up. A sunfower is all I got to grow this year. My egg plants are getting eat as fast as they start growing an eggplant. I give up. I surrender, take me in!


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