Sunday, July 08, 2018

Hope for a happy ending

Jilda's sister Nell called yesterday to talk for a moment. During the conversation, she told Jilda that someone had dumped a mama dog and three puppies near her barn.

She has her hands full now with her husband and daughter. Both of them have health issues. Also, her sister has a small farm and she spends a lot of time tending her critters. She cannot have any more critters just now. She told us she was going to take them to the local shelter.

Often when dogs and cats go there, things don't end well for them. If no one adopts them within a few days, they are euthanized to make room for other critters that people bring in daily.

I told Jilda to tell her that I'd take a picture of them and see if we could find them homes with some of our Facebook friends.

I took the picture below. It was hard holding all three of them so we settled for two. I put the picture on Facebook with a brief note. The post was shared a dozen times within a few minutes. I've had three people send me private messages so far asking for my sister-in-law's number. 

I have my fingers crossed that things end well for these little guys.


  1. Everything crossed. And thank you and Nell for your efforts on their behalf.

  2. I do hope a good home was found for them. How sad someone dumped them.

  3. I'm not a big dog fan, but by gosh, these are precious and I hope someone will take them.

  4. That's wonderful that you're trying so hard to get these cuties adopted without going to a shelter. I really hope they find homes. We've had our shelter dog almost 3 weeks and he's really settling in. I always encourage adopt, not shop, whenever I hear of folks wanting a dog. So many need homes. Fingers crossed with you!

  5. The are totally adorable. I wish I could get another dog, but unfortunately ours doesn't really play with others....I think she prefers to be the only spoiled one. With faces like those, surely they will find forever families.

  6. Hope it works out, I cannot imagine a reason to abandon those beautiful dogs. Surely the situation was terrible. Anyway good for you in the big effort!

  7. Anonymous11:52 AM

    They are adorable; good luck to you (& them)!!

  8. I hope the puppies get the good homes they deserve. Dumping animals should be treated as a crime, and I think every country probably has the same problem, it's very sad. Thank you for helping the puppies.


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