Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Too hot for pestilence

We planted our sunflowers late. Then came the heat and rain. We waited for locusts and pestilence, but luckily they have not arrived. Perhaps the heat and humidity are too much. The locusts figured they could get a better deal in Georgia or maybe North Carolina.

I'm guessing it's hot and wet there too.

One thing that did arrive today was our first sunflower blossom.


  1. They brighten the very darkest day and mood. Thank you.

  2. I have a sunflower growing right now. Its over 6ft tall but has not made a flower yet. Im in North Carolina and so far, I have not seen any locuts yet unless those tiny green flat winged flying things all over the leaves are locust. They do not seem to be causing a problem unless I disturb the plant.

  3. Your sunflower looks so healthy and beautiful. Now the birds will probably use it for food. I' sure they will be happy to taste the fresh seeds. I hope you have more that will bloom.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. Such a cheerful picture of your sunny Sunflower ! What a joy they are ! Glad no pestilence has come your way. Hot enough as it is without anything else!

  5. Sunflowers can brighten the day and lift the heart. I'm glad the locusts passed you by.

  6. It has always been related to me that on sunny days, the sunflower blossom starts out facing the East in the morning, and then facing the West in the afternoon. Imagine I have been too lazy to verify such a thing. Is it true?

    1. Anonymous11:14 PM

      I looked this up for you:

      Immature flower buds of the sunflower do exhibit solar tracking and on sunny days the buds will track the sun across the sky from east to west and by dawn the buds will have returned to face eastward. However, as the flower bud matures and blossoms, the stem stiffens and the flower becomes fixed facing the eastward direction. Flowers of the wild sunflowers seen on roadsides do not follow the sun and their flowering heads face many directions when mature. However, their leaves exhibit some solar tracking.

  7. Love that sunflower picture! It is hot and sticky here too but no rain

  8. Beautiful sunflower, Rick. We're getting Sunrays and Teddybear --smaller varieties, but not the Mammoth ones this summer. We don't have a lot of bugs though, thanks to a little family of wild turkeys and a million treefrogs.


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