Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Looks like snow

While sipping coffee this morning, Jilda scanned her email.  One of the missives was from the Famer's Almanac. The headline read, "Fluffy white clouds against a blue sky on July 25, means snow in the coming winter.

Jilda sqealed. Did I mention that she loves snow? Of course, the snow here is normally not like the snow up north. A few years ago we woke up to one morning and watched the snow falling outside out great room windows.  By afternoon, a front moved through and it was almost warm enough to swim. Every now and then a snow will linger for a few days before the sun sends the white stuff to the creeks and rivers.

The only snow that remained on the ground more than a few days was in 1993. The snow was the deepest I'd ever seen here. The temps plummeted and it remained frigid for over a week. We lost power, and phone service. Toward the end of the week, we lost water because it takes power to pump water into the supply tanks. 

Our home was total electric then. A total electric home sounded so appealing. When we built our home, we thought total electric was a PLUS. After a week of looking like homeless people in our home, we decided to go to plan "B". 

When the snow melted, we drove to the nearest propane gas dealership and bought space heaters and a gas fireplace. We bought a new gas grill. We also bought a gas BBQ grill for the backyard. Winter's have been more pleasant since then.

Now, where was I......? Oh yes, fluffy clouds and a blue sky.

Jilda did babysitting duty while I went for my pre-knee replacement pep talk with the surgeon. When I walked outside, I was struck by the sky. Smiling, I pulled the phone from my pocket and snapped a few pictures. 

I sent one to Jilda with the caption: Looks like snow.


  1. I also love snow, especially now that I can just stay home, Gas fireplace, water heater and stove got us through 9 days after Sandy.

  2. Anonymous11:26 PM

    I love your picture!!

  3. Snow is a very rare treat here. And I do regard it as a treat.

  4. No More saying the S word in July!!!!


  5. We had the same white fluffy clouds here yesterday so it look like Ohio will have plenty of snow too. It's not new at all to us. We usually do have plenty of it. I'm not fond of it as it makes for a lot of work for me clearing it. It usually stays awhile when it comes because it's cold here and if your don't shovel the drives and walks, it quickly turns into ice. But on a hot day, thoughts of snow does tend to cool one off a bit.

  6. Hahahaha When we moved to North Missouri for a few years the neighbors thought we were crazy being THRILLED over snow that lasted 'Months!' Yes, all-electric is great (Most of the time) ;-)
    Sherry & jack over in NC

  7. I love the fluffy snow clouds but you can have all the snow you want. I had enough snow last winter to last me a lifetime. I'm picking some big fat blueberries right now.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. Since I missed it, I sure hope your Almanac is right! Like Jilda, I'm a fan of snow.

  9. In 1936, at the age of 9, we had a 14 inch snow in Empire. It froze over and did not go away until 2 weeks later. No problem with electricity because we did not have electricity until it was installed in 1937. Today, in Indiana, I have an automatic natural gas generator that kicks in if the electricity kicks off. Quite nice to have such a system but it cost $9,000. Snow is not one of my favorites.

  10. We have electric sceptic for the heat. Right now, I could really go for some snow. I love seeing a good snowstorm


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