Thursday, July 05, 2018

Fly fishing fever

I spent much of the day writing. My column was due yesterday, but the office was closed for the holiday. Wednesday is a self-imposed deadline. The editor won't start pasting up Sunday's Lifestyle page until Friday evening or Saturday morning. But it's easy to fall into bad habits.

I did walk early this morning, but by the end of the second lap, my pores were seeping. Jilda walked the third lap, but I went inside to hydrate and to start writing.

By this evening at 4 p.m., I'd written the column and two features. I am officially "caught up." At least for the moment.

One drawback of slamming words is that I didn't get a chance to shoot any pictures. Looking back through my archives, I found a picture from seven years ago. It's a picture of me fly fishing in Telluride, Colorado. That was a beautiful trip. I didn't catch that many fish, but I caught a bug. It's not fatal, but it's incurable. It's the fly fishing fever. This week I have it bad.


  1. I always wanted to learn fly fishing. Great photo and Im glad your all caught up.

  2. My father was a fly fishing addict. He tied his own flies too. And it was an addiction which lasted as long as he did.

  3. I catch more tree limbs casting than I do fish.

  4. Anonymous1:50 AM

    You look so happy!!

  5. Hope you get out for your fishing ! Glad your work went well and you are caught up. It's always nice when things go well. Happy Friday !

  6. If you have an itch you'd better scratch it! Enjoy some's too short not to!


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