Friday, July 13, 2018

Somewhere where it's cooler

It was hot enough to bake a biscuit in the dash pocket of my truck today. Jilda works at a place where they have people coming in from other parts of the country. When these visitors come in the spring or autumn, they fall in love with the area. 

The ones that stay until July and August usually say, "How the hell can you people live here??????"

We take it one day at a time. We exercise early before the sun comes up and we take it easy when the temp spikes after lunch.

Tonight as I was looking for a picture to post, I came across this one that Jilda took of me a few years ago when we were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming in October. 

The first day the sun was out and we woke up the next day to snow. I would never wish my life away, but looking at this picture makes me think we should summer somewhere where it's cooler.



  1. Is there somewhere cooler? Some days I wonder.

  2. In the middle of our sweaty season I frequently ogle cooling images from your side of the world.

  3. It's amazing how looking at pictures like yours can really help you to feel cooler. I cannot really complain as we did have a brief reprieve from the heat and humidity the past few days, but now the heat has returned. I'll be taking a mental trip to the beach today.

  4. Anonymous1:28 PM

    It's strangely hot & humid in Los Angeles also!!


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