Sunday, January 27, 2019


Things will be getting sweeter around here this summer. We've kicked around the idea of getting beehives for years. A few weeks ago I took the leap.

A woman I work with overheard me talking about bees a few weeks ago. When I got back to my desk, she came over and told me that her grandpa had hives with bees that he wanted to sell. His health has gone downhill in recent years and he wanted to find the bees a good home. I jumped at the chance and bought two hives. 

This afternoon was chilly but beautiful. Mr. Smith was available so I drove down to have a look at the hives.

He lives close to the river. As I crossed the Franklin Ferry bridge, I slowed to watch a fisherman in a jon boat sputter up the creek which is a tributary to the Black Warrior.

Mr. Smith was delightful. He showed me the beehives, and how to process the honey and the beeswax. He showed me each tool and how it was used. He showed me how to capture swarms of bees when hives divide.

I could have talked with him all evening, but I didn't want to overstay my welcome.

The bees will stay in place until the weather warms up. He will observe the bees and call me when they are ready. 

We're preparing a spot for the hives between the apple and peach trees. 

I'm excited.

I shot this picture last summer when I did a feature on beekeeping but my hives will look like these except they will be painted.


  1. Woo Hoo. And happy dances. I am excited with you.

  2. An uncle of mine raised bees. Sucking the honey fresh from the comb tastes so good. I know they will give you lots of new stories.

  3. WOW wonderful, I know you guys are excited. Bee keeping has always been an exciting mystery to me. Look forwARD TO hearing from you guys as time passes. I know you are one anxious dude!
    Sherry & jack in rainy central Florida.

  4. I get honey from time to time from a friend who has bee hives, it seems like a difficult but rewarding hobby...rewarding in many ways. I've heard that local honey will help with allergies to local plants.

  5. This is going to be great. I want to be put on the list for a jar of fresh honey. For real! I love honey and think its the drug for allergies. Bees, no so much....

  6. I hope you honey bees do well. You are becoming a real farmer.
    We buy our honey from a local farmer rather than having to look after the hives. They would be in heaven here in my backyard.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Anonymous12:18 PM

    I was bitten once & I am allergic, bees scare me!!

  8. Good for you in helping the bee population and you will have loads of delicious honey. The honey and the honeycomb will be excellent if you suffer fr9m allergies. A girl at work and her hubby have 4 bee hives and have been learning a lot. I bet this man you are buying them from would be very happy to give you more advice.

  9. Enjoy!
    I worked in bees with my Daddy for years. I learned more than one could ever imagine.
    We started off small. We built our own hives and supers.
    It grew and grew.
    Daddy ended up shipping honey by the 5-gallon barrel full. It started with filling small jars. Like I said, it grew.
    He loved it. I did too....for so many reasons.
    I worked alongside my Daddy and learned during the process.


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