Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Old soldiers

We normally run a box fan at night to generate white noise. Without the power the fan was silent. I tossed and turned until just before 1 a.m. the fan sprang into life and whirred as God intended.

I had the good fortune to interview a WWII veteran on Monday. He turned 94 in December. He looks as though he could still wear his Army uniform.

He fought in North Africa, Italy, and France. He saw things no human should have to witness. He didn't sound bitter. He is not one to embellish or brag. In fact, his two sons had no idea what he went through until they started going with him to veteran reunions around the country.

Today, I ran by his house to copy an old picture of him in uniform. When I drove up to his driveway, he was on his John Deere tractor spreading red rock on his driveway.

After the story runs in the paper, I will post it here, It's my intention to share as many of these as I can.


  1. He does not look 94 and so glad to see how active he still is. I would somlove to talk with him and hear his stories because, even when I was a kid, I liked listening to them. I did shortchange myself when it came to my dad because I didn’t ask him too much about his time in WW2. I can’t wait to read your column

  2. It's so important to preserve veterans' stories. The folks from WWII are dying off. I have so many questions I wish I had asked my dad.


  3. Holy crap! 94? Whats in your water?

  4. 94 and still going? All power to him.
    My father didn't/couldn't talk about the war. I wish I had pushed more.

  5. I love and appreciate the WWII vets. They accomplished an amazing feat. I lived thru it as a child knowing my brothers, cousins and uncles were OVER THERE somewhere.
    I also like that Tractor. That is a big Deere!
    Good one, look forward to the interview.

  6. One benefit to this old laptop, I can comment without changing search engines. I like it for that. Stay warm. (glad your fan came on!)

  7. Can't wait to read about it!

  8. I'm looking forward to reading about what this gentleman had to share about his experiences. His tractor is so clean. It looks like new.
    Hugs, Julia

  9. It's good that your power is back. And I'm looking forward to the article about the veteran.

  10. Anonymous1:36 PM

    I wan to read it!!


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