Thursday, January 31, 2019


It seems that I've written about the weather a great deal lately. I think it's in my DNA. When I was a kid we spent a lot of time on our front porch and it seemed to me like we spent a lot of time talking about the weather.

Every time a neighbor walked by in front of our house, the first topic on our tongues was the weather. Summer: "Did you see that heat lightning last night? It was a sight."
Autumn: "You figure there will be frost by Halloween?"
"Better cover the collards."
Winter: "When is that last chance of frost?"
"The Almanac says April 3."
"It should be safe to plant maters after that."
Spring: "The signs will be in the knees soon. We can start planting squash."
And so on.

So, I find that I do that a lot.


  1. I don't know about the weather but this photo is spectacular.
    Is that a LGBT sky? lol... This is the first time I see such a sky.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Yep, the weather is definitely a big topic, specially if it ain't what we want! LOL
    But that shot is captivating!

  3. That is one GLORIOUS sky. Simply sublime.

  4. It seems 'weather' is going to be more than a conversation topic, more like a matter of life and death. People are not prepared; and I don't mean provisions of food, water, light - but a plan for migration from one place to another. We're probably going to become nomads again. Perhaps not 'we', but certainly the younger generation.

  5. I can relate.
    And that photo is magnificent!

  6. I shot this picture Wednesday on the road near where Jilda works.
    There are hundreds of opportunities on that road but few places where it’s safe to stop and shoot a pic.

  7. You forgot "Hot enough for ya?" and "Cold enough for ya?"

  8. Anonymous12:54 PM

    OMG, that sky!!

  9. Awesome photo, it is a cool day here in Newie, it's nice after a string of stinking hot days

  10. Canadians love talking about the weather. This photo looks like. Painted backdrop.


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