Saturday, January 12, 2019

Planning ahead

This year is a significant anniversary for Jilda and me. On Cinco de Mayo, we will celebrate our 45 anniversary.

We went to Ireland for our 25. That was a trip to remember. The people there treated us like family. One the second evening we went to a pub after they stopped serving dinner. The woman tending bar talked to us for a while. Jilda asked her if there was another place to eat. 
It was a small two-pub town and the other pub didn't serve food. 

The woman told us to hold on a moment. She went out the back to her house which was behind the bar. She brought us two plates of food from her own table. She wouldn't accept payment. 

 We were there for ten days. Every twist in the road was a wonder.  Cliffs, pastures, garden fences built from rocks as old as time. Even in the muted light of May, the images were breathtaking 

I said all that to say this – Ireland is on our shortlist of places to go on our 45 anniversary in May.


  1. I've been to Scotland but never to Ireland. It sounds like a treat. My daughter has been there and it sounds just as you described it.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Ireland is magical in its green emerald green way. We are planning a trip there in May ( I think). Maybe we will meet in a pub?

  3. I hope you can. Or somewhere equally as memorable.

  4. Cinco de Mayo eh? Why not Mexico then? Reading more I discover that it was a battle where the Mexicans trounced the French. So maybe France? Still, you could do worse than revisit Ireland.
    However it is a big, wide wonderful world out there and you are a person of positive outlook, open to new ideas. Maybe just stick a pin in a map of the world, holding your breath while doing the pin sticking. :)

  5. So many places--so little time and money.


  6. Now you done it! Rekindled my desire to visit Ireland. Mama said on her side we were Scot-Irish. It was the Irish side of that I loved to hear. Oh and I love an Irish accent. MAYBE, just maybe...... I still dream.
    Thanks, and the picture is awesome (as always!)

  7. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I've been to the Irish coast & it is AMAZING!!

  8. Go! Ireland is one of two places I want to see.

  9. 45 year is amazing I hope you have many more wonderful years

  10. Congrats to you both, just go together and make it magical by celebrating all those wonderful years together. Just do it...

  11. Ok....I think that is a beautiful destination


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