Thursday, January 24, 2019


We have triplets now. Not Jilda and I. That would be an immaculate reception. But there are three young deer that we see in our garden.

The last several times either of us has left or come back to the house after dark we have seen them. They are too young to have road smarts so we have to be mindful.  

Last night, it was raining hard when I came home. At the end of our driveway, I startled the smallest of the three. Instead of bounding off like its two siblings, it froze in the middle of the road and watched me. I had to come to a complete stop and let it think about what to do. 

Suddenly, it wheeled to starboard and was gone in a flash. 

I've seen them during daylight, but my phone camera won't get a decent picture of them from a distance.

Soon, they'll know that the road is not their friend and they will spend most of their time in the cover of the surrounding woods. They are beautiful creatures. 

The picture below is one I shot last year.  


  1. Too many in my parts, they cause a lot of car accidents. Building has pushed them into rural areas, and without predators other than hunters, they are prolific. Still, I agree, they are beautiful and I love seeing them.

  2. I hope they learn to avoid the road quickly. Beautiful, beautiful critters.

  3. In native teachings they mean to be gentle with yourself. I know they can be a pest but I love seeing them and so I consider you lucky to see them

  4. yes they are beautiful animals. too many roads. too many cars. too little space for too many deer. I feel so bad for the road kill and the car owner. But you cannot help but stop what you are doing when one happens up on you.

  5. Beautiful creatures, but yes, not very smart. I have seen them wondering around my neighborhood before and we live in the city. There is only a patch of woods seperating two neighborhoods. I always wonder where they came from and how many roads they had to cross to get here.

  6. I rarely see deer in Albuquerque :-) but when I lived in Texas it was my biggest fear while driving at night. Hope they learn quickly.

  7. We have some in the neighbourhood that snacks on the apple trees that grows on one of our street this winter. They have eaten as far as they can reach.

    They even came to eat from my crabapple tree in my front yard. They are beautiful and they don't seem to be fearful at all. I even stopped the car to take pictures with my iPhone and they just stood there watching me.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. To come across the deer always inspires awe no matter how often it happens.


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