Friday, January 25, 2019

The river is up

The river is up. Driving by today, there were people standing there watching. The last few months have been wet. I've seen more rain that I can remember. 

It rained so hard a few weeks ago that it almost submerged the Historic Marker in the parking lot. It's not that high now, but it's raging. 

It seems the weather has been wacky the last several years. Maybe it's just me, but it seems like when it RAINS. When it's's DRY. And when the storms come it leaves destruction in its path.

Did mention that the river is up?


  1. Some world wide weather moderation would be more than welcome.

  2. I think the weather reflex the state our world is in.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. WOW! This is beautiful. All ya need here is a cup of coffee and blanket.

  4. As a kid I loved to see the creek up as it raged down stream. I wanted to be on a boat and follow the stream, and not row back. I realize the destruction water can cause now, but then it was only excitement to see rapids in a normally calm swimming hole.
    Good one
    Sherry & jack

  5. It's nice people can stand and look at the river. In the upcoming years I think (based on reading stuff) it might be dangerous to be near a body of water. Big floodings will be all over.

  6. I think the weather gets stranger the older I become.

  7. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Is that a black & white photo? I can't believe the sky was that grey!!

  8. Same here when it rains it really rains and when it is dry it is really dry

  9. The weather is wonky and we have had wonkiness here in spades. Keep dry!


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