Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Smart Kids

Our great nephew Jordan took his first SAT test this past weekend. He came over and walked with us Sunday afternoon. He's in the fifth grade. I'm not sure I could spell SAT when I was in the fifth grade.

He's never made a B on his report card. When I asked him about the test, he shrugged and said the reading was easy. The math was hard. He won't know his scores until March. I'd be willing to bet he did well on the test. 

I asked where he wanted to go to college. Without missing a beat, he said Yale. If someone had mentioned Yale to me in the fifth grade, I would have told them that's what my mama does when she's really mad.

If he does get a scholarship there, Jilda and I have already decided to rent our house out here and rent an apartment in New Haven, Connecticut.  

On the last lap of our walk, I raced him up the hill. That was a joke. He was up the hill in a flash and had climbed the magic tree in the front yard to wait for me. 

I'm glad we have smart kids coming along behind us. We'll need some smart kids to keep the wheels on the earth bus.


  1. How can SAT and Fith grader even be used in the same sentence? Ha ha. You are right, we some smart kids. Hes on the right track! Good Luck Joran.

  2. That seems so early for SAT! Geez, I'm glad too there are smart kiddos out there and perhaps they can get this world on track. Jordan not only has smarts but he's darn handsome too!

  3. Hooray for smart kids. And their relatives.

  4. In 5th grade I was told to SIT a lot, is that anything like SAT.

  5. Hooray for smart kids.

  6. Wow, SAT already!!! He's got it all figured out. Maybe your thinking bench is a good investment after all. What a smart kid to have such high goals. Way to go Jordan.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Anonymous12:16 PM

    He's not only smart, he's adorable!!

  8. I agree with the others. He is smart, and I would have said the same thing about Yale (in the 5th grade)! LOL
    I know the dude loves his uncle and aunt!

  9. I don't even know what SAT means

  10. I didn't take the SATs until I was in high school. I know Jordan can't be that old yet. Look out Yale. He;s on his way.

  11. Gosh, times have changed...the only thing I was thinking about was colouring and Gilligan's Island. Good for him and his goals and for still climbing trees


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