Sunday, January 06, 2019


Our chickens are always happy to see me. This morning when I went down to feed them I had a colander filled with scraps of lettuce and tomatoes leftover from dinner last night. They've learned that the colander means they'll be getting a treat.

They make low guttural sounds when I bring them treats. On days when all I have to offer them is scratch feed and high protein laying pellets, they peck my shoes. They are also quite fond of my college ring.

Most of the chickens we've had in the past were fearful of humans. Whenever I stepped into the pen, they fled to the far corners until I filled their feeders.

These hens are friendly. They follow me around. I can sometimes pick them up without them going postal.

Each morning when I walk back to the house, I'm carrying four fresh eggs. That doesn't sound like a lot, but this past week I gave two dozen eggs to the people I work with the at newspaper office. I make a delivery every few weeks. Now that the produce stand is back open, I'm going to ask if he'll sell them for me in exchange for produce. I think this arrangement has a certain symmetry to it.


  1. It sounds like a good deal to me. Your hens are so beautiful and healthy looking. The scraps is way better processed through the hens than through the composter and they give you eggs for your efforts. It's a win win situation.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. These chickens are so pretty with the black, bright red and hint of blue. Why were your previous chickens sca4ed...did you rescue them? I’m glad you have them and they are happy. I bet you could make an arrangement with this produce man for sure

  3. The sound of a contented chook is absolutely delightful. And fresh laid eggs a definite win. I like your eggs/produce idea. Win/win.
    My partner's sister had a rooster which liked to sit on her lap and watch television in the evening. He got too noisy for the suburbs and was moved to the country - where I am pretty certain he sees no tv.

  4. That would be a good thing for all concerned.

  5. Beautiful birds!

  6. Beautiful hens. I cannot remember mama's chickens, but I remember she ordered Rhode Island Reds thru Sears and Roebuck. these have nothing that looks rd but the craw, so I guess they ain't. I love chickens. they have fed the world.

  7. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Can you tell them apart?

  8. Nice, my mum had chickens when she was a child

  9. I had a friend in Maryland whose chickens were friendly and followed her around. However, she also had a rooster that her son and Favorite Young Man called Lucifer. That rooster hated the teenage boys.


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