Wednesday, January 02, 2019


I came across a rare family photo tonight. It's one taken about 50 years ago. I think it's the only one in existence. In the picture are not only members of my immediate family, but my dad's mother, father, brother, sisters, and their families. The only three not shown are my older brother Neil was taking the picture, my cousin Carlton was probably off smoking, and my baby brother Darrin who had not yet been born.  I'm kneeling second from the left.

The picture was taken beside the house where I grew up in Sloss Hollow. I never noticed it until this moment, but my dad (top left) is reaching behind my sister to pinch his brother Pete's ear.

Sometimes when I take pictures of people someone protests. "I look a mess." Or, "I don't look good in pictures," I hear both of these great deal.

What I usually tell them is this: 50 years from now, you will thank me for taking this picture of you and your family.

Pictures are important. They help you to remember when your mental pictures begin to fade. I remember the dress my baby sister was wearing as she sat in my grandpa's lap the day this picture was taken. I remember that my cousin Randal (far right standing), who is one of the brightest people I've ever known, often carried a pen and paper in his shirt pocket.

Ten of the people in this photograph are dead now.

It would have been easy to have stayed at the table and had another piece of fried chicken and skipped the picture, but I am grateful we didn't.


  1. What a great find! I'm often given the evil eye because I'm the one with the camera. I'm not fond of photos of myself but I decided that I didn't want my kids to not ever have a pic of me..good or bad! I took a photo 15yrs ago this month at our family Christmas party. It was of all our kids...all the cousins. It was a rare event where all were actually there for the shot. A few weeks later my sister's youngest died in a car accident. We are forever grateful for that final pic of him with all his siblings and cousins. I don't care if I offend anyone any more when I'm constantly clicking a pic. They can thank me later. BTW..I LOVE the name "Sloss Hollow"!

  2. I have one with all my cousins, only time they got us all together (13) and you are right.

    Sloss Hollow, I always wanted to know someone from a Hollow.

  3. There are NO photos of my extended family. None. Which I mourn.

  4. My much older cousin got all of my paternal grandmother's pictures when she died. She won't share. I have copies of a lot of my maternal grandmother's pictures. I share them with anyone who asks and also on Facebook. I even have a picture of the horse we all learned to ride on. You have a lovely family.

  5. You are so right about pictures and I love touching them and looking through albums or even boxes..which is what I have. I love your dad’s humour which is caught on camera and can I does he look like my dad...that ski nose and the shape of his head...amazing!

  6. I love old photos of my family. I agree with you Rick, a lot of people are afraid to look bad in pictures and don't like to have their pictures taken. Pictures are important because once someone is gone, their pictures takes on a new meaning.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. The more I stare at the photo, the more details if find. I just laughed when I saw how the dog was forced to be in the picture.

  8. That's wonderful advice you impart! Oh, for those days when I loathed the way I believed myself 'so fat', 'so ugly'!


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