Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cutting the vaycay short

I think the gods have a thing about my birthday getaways. Three years ago when we went to the beach for my birthday, I broke the Honda key in half while trying to open the plastic around a case of water. Jilda had left her keys at home in Alabama so that her brother could use my truck while we were away. Her Honda has one of those anti-theft ignitions that won't allow you to crank the car with just the end of the key that goes into the switch. It wants the top part too. The car would not crank. The spare key was almost six hours away.

We fretted most of the night and the next day, I pieced the key together, and we left for home two days early. :)

Two years ago, we went back to the beach, and everything was going great until Jilda started having flu-like symptoms. Again, we left early and came home. After a visit to urgent care, they confirmed what we suspected – she had the flu.

Last year, we had booked rooms at the beach.  Snow and ice moved into Alabama hours before we were scheduled to leave. We canceled our reservations.

This year, we decided to go to a hotel we've been reading about. It's a five-star spa hotel in Florence, Alabama.

By the time we pulled out of our driveway, drops of rain had begun to splatter on the windshield. it wasn't much at first. We looked at each other and said, "it's not going to rain.'  By the time we reached Florence, it was raining so hard I had to slow to a crawl.

We spent most of our time in the hotel room reading. Yesterday evening, we dashed out to a place that has some of the best fried chicken on the planet. We don't eat a lot of fried stuff, but what the heck, it was my birthday vaycay. It was scrumptious.

Had the weather cleared, we were going on some tours today. The picture below explains why we packed our bags and headed home early.


  1. What a nasty looking sky. I'm glad you made it safely home. I

  2. Anonymous8:41 PM

    It's obvious that the gods of vacation don't want you to have birthday trips!!

  3. I think you need to take those birthday trips, to ensure that the annual disaster is at least away from your home turf.
    At least you were in excellent company.

  4. How so annoying!!! I guess Happy Birthday doesn't apply to you, heh... I think you need to trick this Birthday trickster and celebrate your birthday on another day to break this cycle.
    I'm going to wish you Happy Belated Birthday anyway. Don't let this trickster spoil your birthday fun next year. Be one step ahead.
    Hugs. Julia

  5. Well, Happy belated birthday! You seem to have all the luck but, in January, one never knows what the weather will be. The sky does look ominous

  6. Bummer, but at least you had fried chicken!

  7. Okay....wait...It was a “spa” hotel. Why even go outside?
    Hate you had to cut it short. What a bummer.

  8. I think EC has the ticket there ~ without these little disasters, you wouldn't have a story to tell other than the totally boring wonderful vacay.
    But I must say, I can relate that plans are there for the amusement of Mr. Murphy. :-)

  9. What a disappointment! I hope you weren't asked to pay an early-departure fee.

  10. Ahhhh but the chicken!!! Shucks I know you guys had a ball just being together in the car. They say, "There is always next year!" That is what THEY say.
    Sherry & jack

  11. I'd move my birthday to May and fool Mother Nature.


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