Friday, April 05, 2019

A little sad today

We had errands in Birmingham this morning, so I started my chores early. When I stepped down to throw some scratch feed to the chickens, I only heard one.

Over the last six months, owls and other critters have killed all of our hens except two. I discovered when I stepped into the pen that only one hen has survived. 

I searched around, and I found the mutilated remains of one halfway under the feed shed. I'm guessing by the looks of the carcass that it was a raccoon. I know these furry critters are cute to look at, but when their survival instincts kick in, they are vicious...especially to docile chickens. 

Before we left for town, I called my nephew and made arrangements for him to take the last chicken until I fortify the pen in my yard. He has a secure place at his house, and he will keep Sweety Pie until we get our pen secured. 

A little sad today.


  1. Very sad.
    Chickens too find a place in our heart.

  2. Oh, that is so sad indeed. I used to own a red chicken when I was young. She had become my pet although I knew she would have to be killed and eaten when the cold temperature came as the chickens were free range and the the temperature was way too cold for them. When the day came, I felt the loss and I couldn't partake in the feast.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. That is so sad Rick! Its funny I was just thinking this morning how I would love to have a pet chicken or a couple hens for eggs. I love to hear roosters crow in the mornings. But then I thought about Mr. Owl that lives around here and all the Hawks.
    Sweetie Pie has a rough night. I hope she does ok alone for a while.

  4. Oh how that chain of nature hurts some time. Chickens become a part of life to an older generation. I attended our city council when the last senior was told she could no longer keep chickens, her roosters bothered the city folk who had moved in the area. I spoke in her behalf. I told the council how much the chickens meant to the lady and she was there a long time before her neighbors but to no avail. Several members regretted it but we were gong to be 'progressive'. Funny how the train of progress pushes on! Hope Sweetie pie has a long life and new friends.
    Sherry and jack.

  5. Not the raccoon's fault. Poor hen though, being domesticated they depend on others to protect them, I suspect your fortifications will do the job.

  6. Your hens were beautiful sorry this happen.

  7. My hairdresser has had chickens for the past 6 years, and has battled the wildlife that want to eat them ~ it's an ongoing issue. She lost all of them one night by coyotes. And one when it stuck it's head out of the pen and a hawk took it off (and then left it, I guess it didn't realize it couldn't get to the rest of it). She, like you, is quite attached to each death by critters required some defensive adjustments. My sister lets her chickens into the yard every day, and only rarely loses one to a hawk ~ probably because the dog stays out protecting them all day. Good luck in the future, may your fortifications be massive.. :-)

  8. What a shame. It can be difficult to keep predators from the chickens. They have few survival techniques.


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