Thursday, April 04, 2019

Ink in the blood

I was busy again today. A friend asked Jilda and me to perform at a quarterly retired educator's luncheon. I love teachers but we couldn't stay for lunch because Jilda had to work this afternoon, and I had a luncheon with my coworkers at the newspaper.

Many newspapers are struggling these days, but our newspaper is doing well. One of the problems with media today is that people get breaking news on their phones and by the time the paper arrives on their front steps, it's old news.

What our paper does differently is that we focus on the local news that you don't get on your phone.

I love newspapers. I get the Birmingham News delivered three days a week and the Mountain Eagle (local paper for which I write) six days a week. I also have online subscriptions to the Washington Post and the New York Times.

The meeting today was to give us a feel for how the paper was doing. He also talked about several exciting things that are in the future. I'm encouraged.

I think ink must be in our blood because Jilda and I both have worked on and off for newspapers since we married in 1974. I came across the picture below from the late 1970s when she worked at The North Jefferson News.

I know I've rambled tonight, but that's how it sometimes goes.


  1. Very good photo of Jilda! The hairstyle is perfect to her face!

  2. I do love newspapers, and particularly those which focus on local news.
    Jilda is beautiful - but you know that.

  3. Newspapers just add the extra to me. I find it gives more details than what is shown on the internet and the small stories suffer. I. Glad your paper is doing well.

  4. We no longer get the newspaper because we were too busy to read it but now that I'm retired I read my news on the computer. I'm glad yours is doing so well. Nice picture of young Jilda. I love the hairstyle.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Our newspaper has a mix of local and national. Unfortunately they keep raising the price. But we still get it to keep up on the weird stuff that happens in small towns! Cute pic of Jilda..she looks the same now as she did back in the 70's!

  6. That lady has always known how to do her hair to show her beauty. Local news is good. It is seldom filled with gloom and doom. We have learned to live on the negative of the NEW MEDIA.
    Yep, I think you do have ink in your innards....
    Sherry & jack

  7. I miss those days of folksy local news. Back in h.s. I dreamt of being a journalist (remember 'stet' and 'dele'?) … my first real job was contributing two-three paragraphs/month for the Albuquerque Journal: News from Los Alamos High School. HA! This is an awesome pix of Jilda!

  8. We no longer get a newspaper. Its always full of bad news and they fail to report any good news. There is a lifestyle section that will focus on anything going on that's actually in our town. They also started charging way to much.
    Jilda was (and still is) a cutie pie.

  9. I had my own report in our local newspaper every week. I was years old. It was a real kick to see my name in the paper.

  10. I meant to say I was 11 years old.


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