Monday, April 01, 2019

Black snake

This afternoon, I pulled the truck through the garden to haul topsoil and potting mix to the back gate. We hope to start planting our raised beds this weekend.

As I approached the gate, I noticed a black snake darting through the grass. He saw me and slid under the tiller for cover. 

Ol' Hook was with me, but he walked right by the snake without even a glance. I'm glad because he would have made short work of that little critter had he seen him.

I put Hook in the back gate and stepped back to get a closer look. He was poking his head out the other side of the tiller to see if the coast was clear.

The only camera I had was my phone.


  1. I'm not a fan of snakes although when I was young, we had lots of garter snakes in our field and I wasn't afraid of even the larger ones. Now I'm more of a coward since I haven't seen a snake in ions. Do these black snakes go after the chicken eggs?
    Hugs, Julia

    1. No these guys are harmless except to poisonous snakes.

  2. Is this a rat snake? I used to catch Gardner snakes when I was young until one bit me. I wouldn’t catch one now.

  3. Any time we have been close to the woods or living in the woods I always considered the black and green snakes good luck. I used to catch the black snakes to let the grands touch and pet them, so they would not be afraid. Grand daughter used to give 'Old sneaky snake' a lecture. It was about 4 feet long, she would shake her finger at him and say, "Now don't you go down to the house, grandma will kill you!"
    I only harm the poisonous ones:Copper, rattler and Coral if they are near home.
    I enjoyed this, nicer catch snakes don't pose long. haha

  4. It wasn't easy to spot him but I finally found him.

  5. Bees and snakes … oh, my. You're a braver soul than most!

  6. Black snakes were a staple at our old house. "Rat snakes" and I got into it over bird nests a time or two...

  7. eeeeshshhhh! just no! I'd rather see a mouse.


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