Wednesday, April 03, 2019

Wednesday report

As I stood at the sink waiting for the coffee to finish dripping, I gazed out the garden door to the south. The sun hadn't reached the horizon, but the first rays of the day tented the top of the hundred-year-old-oak in the barnyard golden.

Mother Nature still hasn't made up her mind whether she wants it cool or warm. This morning she was leaning toward chilly.

I had an early appointment in town, so I hopped on my chores early. The chickens met me at the gate. They were ready for their food.

One of them let me bend over and pet her. That's the first time this has happened willingly. After gathering the eggs, I stepped to the backyard fence and headed down to check on the newly captured swarm of bees.

It was too cool for activity outside any of the hives, but I leaned over and placed my ear against the brood box and listened. I heard a drone at first, but as I stood there listening, I felt them vibrating inside.

I left some sugar water to help them through the chilly weather until more things begin to bloom. When I went down this evening, the quart jar was licked clean.

Yesterday when I captured the swarm, I set up my good camera which does video. Samantha also video'd from afar. This morning, I put it together and uploaded it to YouTube. I'll provide a link below. It's a little over two minutes long. I doubt it will win any awards, but I thought it was important enough to capture

Link to YouTube video.

I drove by this yesterday before I captured the swarm. I can promise the bees on this old farm were rejoicing.


  1. That video was awesome!

  2. Loved hearing your voices and hope you got the Queen.
    I blow up in spectacular fashion if I get stung so would have been watching from a looooong way away.

  3. Great video and job. Looked professional to me. Looking forward to more updates.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Wow! So that’s how it’s done? A huge amount looked like it just fell on the ground but I guess they find their way home. It was fun to listen to your voice as well and you have a good southern accent but, I bet, you would say I have a good Canadian accent:)

  5. Enjoyed the video. At the beginning, I was like, “oh I hope he has a suit to put on!”. I think you do need to paten your idea.
    “I think its the thing”.

  6. Thanks for the video... Bravo on the bee swarm capture video. I like your bucket on a stick idea. It sure beats having to climb on a ladder. You did it professionally enough for a novice bee keeper. I like the southern accent also. You should make more videos for your blog.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Goosebumps! … but I liked it!


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