Sunday, April 14, 2019


The wedding I mentioned last night was in Gainesville, Florida. We have been there for a few days but I don't write about "being away from home" on this blog. 

I have aggregators that syndicate my blog on Twitter and Facebook. I think it also does a hieroglyphic on a cave in Egypt as well, though I've never personally checked. So, I don't want to advertise to the world that we are away from home...but I digress.

We were in Gainesville and had free time on Saturday morning for some sightseeing. We'd planned to go to the Butterfly Museum but discovered it's near the University of Florida campus and they were having their spring training football game. We chose to do plan B which was the Kanapaha Botanical Gardens.

The time of the year was not optimal because many of the things won't be in their prime until later, but it was still beautiful.

We wandered through the paths as if we were lost in an enchanted forest. There were oak trees that looked as old as time. Bamboo forests, herb and butterfly gardens, and a labyrinth.

I shot over a hundred pictures, but I will start off with one I took in the butterfly garden.


  1. It is wise to pay attention to details..... But I am sure after shooting many pics, it is hard to Pic one that is special.
    From NC
    Sherry & jack

  2. Butterfly gardens? Be still my beating heart. I love Botanic Gardens too.

  3. I'm following a blog of a very active 86 year old english lady who lives on her own. She usually lets the readers know where and when she'll be going during the week. I feel rather uneasy with that "being away from home" kind of information. It can be dangerous for her.

  4. We are surrounded with Bamboo on my end of town. We even used to make our own fishing poles when we were little. Love the butterfly on the tiny bush.
    I try not to alert everyone when Im away from home either. Sometimes I goof and let it slide but most of my FB and Blog post of vacations are after the fact.

  5. We had a large garden centre in our city and they had a butterfly garden with exotic butterflies. It was a treat to visit and they they expanded in another city too quickly and went bankrupt. I miss the butterflies. They are one of God's work of art. I always enjoy seeing butterflies.
    You can install some cam cameras in the trees or around your house to see if someone is prowling around your place. A vehicle in the yard is always a good thing.
    Hugs, Julia

    Hugs, Julia

  6. Thank goodness for plan B.

  7. It's Gainesville, you old bastard. You were only about an hour away from me and didn't even come by to take me out to lunch.


    1. At least you corrected the spelling. I guess I forgive you.

  8. Great photo of the Monarch among the flowers. I agree not to say where you will be...not in this day and age


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