Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Color this time of year

Jilda and I both had doctors appointments this morning. Mine was a semi-annual checkup. The one in the spring is a fasting event. No food after midnight. When I don't have coffee in the mornings I get a little "snip'afied." Is that a word?

The lab got me through quickly and sent me to the doc for some therapeutic spanking (just kidding.) His physician's assistant came in and grilled me. She also did a memory test. Have you had one of these? They gave me five words to think about and then gave you some simple math problems. 

She then told me a short story. After the story, she asked me questions. Then, she asked for the five words she'd given me when she started the test. I answered everything correctly except on question. The trick is to actually listen. 

When the doctor came in he said all the lab work was great and that he would see me in the fall.

It was a beautiful day. On the drive home, I saw horses grazing in a field so I stopped and snapped the picture below. The color this time of year is remarkable.


  1. Yay for passing the tests. Truly important tests, unlike the ones I agonised over as a child.
    Love the vibrancy of your spring colours.

  2. I'm glad you passed the test. It's important to know if you still have memory. Memory is such a gift but we can't take it for granted.

    That looks like a field of buttercups. Such nic spring colors.

    Hugs, Julia

  3. I am laughing so hard. Sherry will do the same when she read about the test. WHY? We visited our friend Maisie, 92, the other day. She was fussing about a test the nurse gave her on her last visit. She called it "That Idiot" test. She said, I told the nurse it was silly, but the nurse said I did good.!
    Maisie is a card.
    Enjoyed the visit and I am glad you passed the test.

  4. Seriously? I wonder who decided that should be part of annual wellness exams. But you're right. The art of listening is lost on many.

  5. I do believe the new green is greener than in years past.

  6. When they test my dads memory with those tests he passes but in fact he has a terrible memory


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