Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Yard art

I love yard art. Many times, the handmade stuff can be more enchanting than the storebought stuff. In fact, I can't recall a single thing I bought at a store for my yard that was enchanting.

My daddy took a sharp pocket knife to four tires that were bald as Ben Franklin and turned them into planters that looked like tulip blossoms. I've never seen one of those at a store. 

My great grandmother made a scarecrow with a windchime from old car tags, spoons, and the lids of tin cans. It kept the crows out of her garden. 

Jilda bought a bottletree for her old bottles at the Frog Festival several years ago. It was handmade and ready for bottle foliage. 

It's beautiful all the time, but the evening sun transforms it into beautiful yard art.


  1. I think that homespun art is so precious. I love a bottle tree and had one years and years ago. I think I need another one when we get moved.
    Hope you and Jilda have a great night- hugs- Diana

  2. I am a big fan of any art - which includes yard art.

  3. My yard art is a huge bolder my husband dumped on my front lawn many years ago. It filled the back of the big dump truck and the ground shook when he dumped it on the lawn. My neighbour was in her basement and she thought we had had a small earth quake. The other yard arts are my bird feeders and a gazebo. Anything else would probably float away in the flood.

    The kind of yard art you are talking about is interesting to see but I'm not inclined to own any.
    HUgs, Julia

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  5. I enjoy good yard creations. Some folk have a 'second sense' whenthey see something I think it tells them, 'Now wouldn't I look nice in your yard!' (I keep listening..... ???)
    I do like the bottle tree.
    Sherry and jack over in NC.

  6. I remember the first bottle tree I ever saw. I was amazed at the ingenuity of it.

  7. I so agree about the homemade garden art and even in the home stuff. It is eclectic and represents who you are as a person not what designers say you should be.

  8. Yes there are some awesome pieces of yard art around

  9. Those bottles are beautiful no matter how they are displayed.


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