Friday, April 19, 2019

Stormy weather

It's rained all day. Earlier in the week, it was warm enough to swim. Tonight the weatherman is saying the county to the north of us could experience snow flurries.

Last night the radar looked ugly. Jagged lines of red and orange raced toward us with each sweep of the radar.  We saw some lightning and Caillou heard thunder and wanted to get in Jilda's lap. She hated not to oblige, but he's a beast. Our lights blinked a few times but they held strong. 

When I looked out this morning, there were limbs everywhere. Also, the old hemlock tree that I'd planned chainsaw down today was on the ground. When we walked, we found several other trees that had blown down overnight. 

I'm thankful we didn't have any real damage.


  1. They kept swearing that those storms would hit us today. Never happened. Thanks goodness. We had a nice day, over cast but good. Strange how animals react to Highs and lows, lightening and thunder. Since a kid I have always loved a good 'storm' but without the real damage.
    Glad you did not lose power.
    Take care and have a pleasant Easter time.
    From over here in NC,
    Sherry & jack

  2. Sleepless in Coosada. Does anyone actually become accustomed?

  3. A few weeks and you'll be able to fry eggs on your car hood.

    I read in a blog recently (might have been yours) that some dogs can actually feel lightening if it strikes within a mile or two and that is why some dogs are so afraid of the storm, it is not the sound, it is the zap!

  4. I am so sorry. The loss of a tree is always a sadness.

  5. It rained almost all night on Thursday. Now it's a bit chilly. It feels good.


  6. Mother Nature seems to always help you out with taking down the intended trees. I'm glad that there were no damages.

    Today is raining and the river St John is rising and flooding. The heifers are being moved to higher pasture at another farm quite a ways from here. The men will have to put up an electric fence to keep them secure. The place where we brought the cattle wasn't available this Spring. So far the young heifers are still safe in the barn.

    Like you, we will have a big mess again to clean.Hugs, Julia

  7. I'm glad for you that the weather was no worse. The picture you posted is riveting.


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