Tuesday, April 09, 2019

I love barns

It felt like Panama here today. One moment the sun was blazing with white clouds on an azure sky and the next it was raining so hard I had to drive with my emergency flashers blinking. The humidity felt like a steam room. But the light was incredible for most of the day. 

I shot several pictures for the paper, but I also shot some for myself. 

There's an old barn not far from where my sister lives. I had a few minutes to kill, so I pulled over to the edge of the road and switched the engine off. I walked around to get the right angle. 

Off to the right, I saw the farmer about to walk out to make sure I wasn't up to no good. I held the camera up and pointed to the barn. He got the message and went on about his work.

Barns are special. Each time I look at a barn, it speaks to me on a seminal level. It's like the faded wood is saying: Hey, this is important – take a moment to consider my role in the fabric of your life. 

When I do take time, it seems to slow my mind down. 

Several years during summer, I would spend a few weeks with my cousins who lived on cattle farms. Their barns were an aromatic bouquet. Fresh hay, dried corn, cow manure, and other smells that I could not name. 

I so worked hard doing chores that it made it easy to fall asleep each night.  

Spending time in barns was a good way to spend time in the summer. 

Did I mention that I love barns?



  1. Me too! I love barns and this is a fine example of a barn with history.

  2. You are so not alone in that love.

  3. GrwT photo of a barn still in use but looks a bit worn out. I understand your love of barns and often played in the hay and made hay forts which were fun.

  4. Barns. Love 'em. My mind goes back to preschool days.. But you always come up with a line I savor, today it is:

    When I do take time, it seems to slow my mind down.

    Never thought about that, but it does....
    Sherry & jack

  5. That is a great barn. I can imagine what it looked like in its 'hay day'. (Sorry). We liked to make forts in the hay loft on rainy days.

  6. Old dilapidated barns with rusted roofs makes me feel sad in a way. I remember my grandfather with his team of horses and his hay wagon full of loose hay and the men on top of that hay with their hay forks and the mountain of hay. The men unloaded the loose hay with their hay forks into the hay barn and we kids had the pleasure of jumping in to the hay to pack it down. Those were the good old days.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. Because we're a rural area we have many barns around these parts..plus the Amish have them everywhere. I was involved in a project years ago to document bank barns because they are disappearing. I love your photo..


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