Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Bee knowledge

The bees haven't found these yet. They are all over the blueberries bushes and the tulip poplar blossoms, but not this baby. It's hidden on the east side of the house in the shade of a sweet gum tree.

Bees are not easily fooled. They are nectar sleuths. Just the fact mam. Where do you keep the rhododendrons? 

I fretted when I added the newly swarmed hives. I thought going from two hives to four within a few weeks might put pressure on the things blooming here in early spring.

Apparently, that fret was ill-founded. They need a bee traffic controller when the sun comes up.

Bees are tidy creatures. The abhor slothful ways and they are not fond of things unclean. Even when it's too cold to forage they will leave the hive long enough to use the bathroom instead of doing their business in the hive.

I still have so much to learn about these critters.

Maybe I'll put up a sign tomorrow with an arrow pointing to the rhododendrons.


  1. How neat that they are, well, so neat! I’m glad you got more hives and I bet they will find those flowers

  2. I love the idea of an arrow pointing to the rhododendrons...
    Maybe the bees will leave you a thank you note hidden inside a piece of honeycomb.

  3. I am pretty certain they will find their way. Perhaps they have given up rhododendrons for Lent...

  4. I hope they listen to you, but I understand they are determined cusses. You know, busy as a bee and 'Bee line' to the target. I know you are enjoying your new hobby, we are too.
    Sherry & jack

  5. They will find them soon. They arrow sign will be cute.

  6. As soon as the bees discover the rhododendrons the flowers will become part of the regular collection route.

  7. How lovely that you have bees! They are favorites here, i am always thrilled to see them. Last week i managed to snap a few photos, but they are so quick.

    In my perfect world, i have beehives and bat houses, and no one minds the little garter snakes that live in the garden.

  8. I'm sure they will find the rhododendrons. They have a big job to do. I'm glad that bees are clean. After all they manufacture honey. It's all so amazing to me.

    Hugs, Julia


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