Wednesday, June 05, 2019


I tapped keys today. Some days I write stories. Some days I write columns. But some days I tap keys.

It's on these days that I notice things in my office. EVERYTHING in the room is covered in dust and obviously MUST be dusted before I write anything meaningful.

I can't believe I actually talk on a phone with that much dust. I mean, how can I pick up the receiver?  And, don't get me started about the screen of my computer. I'm appalled. If company came into our house and saw a screen that begrimed, they might not eat the pound cake with blueberries and whipped cream that Jilda made.

Cleaning them before writing a word was the only prudent course of action.

And THEN I remembered...............

You get the picture. I tapped keys.

I'll have to get up early in the morning and have another go at it. I have blinders that I made from aluminum foil and duct tape. I'll wear that tomorrow while I whip out a deeply insightful column for Sunday's paper.

Thank the Good Lord I accepted Jilda's invitation to take a walk or the morning would have been a total waste.


  1. Tell the truth. No morning with Jilda in it is EVER a waste.

  2. The dust won't bother me. I'll eat the pound cake with blueberries and whipped cream.


  3. Dust. I'm thinking you've got a column goldmine sitting right there in front of your very eyes.
    Today it was the phone and the computer screen. Tomorrow the desk and the keyboard and if you raise your eyes there will be dust motes dancing in the sunlight.
    And I'll be willing to wager your mama wouldn't have tolerated a speck of dust anywhere. Not to mention the cloud of dust trailing behind miscreant kids sprinting up the road after being put right when she caught them misbehaving. :).
    And your old coal mining community where every thing would have been covered in coal dust.
    Stop tapping, take a few minutes outside on the thinking bench
    and you won't need the foil and duct tape blinkers...

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  5. Working hard causes dust, Everyone has dust. After all, we are made of dust and we will return to dust when all is said and done. I'll eat that piece of blueberry pound cake.
    Thanks for the reminder to "undust"my desk. Have a good day.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I've been having a rough time coming up with stories too. Probably time to step away for a while. Luckily I came up with something new for a few new posts.

  7. I suspect my chap has a pair of blinders hidden somewhere in our home office as well. That must be it because somehow he never seems to see the empty coffee mugs that he leaves in there.

  8. Accumulated dust is for artists. A blank canvas.

  9. Oh Thanks, Now I gotta dust! hahahahahaha
    It is good to see you are real and know what dust is!
    Love the color in the pic, Mimosa?
    Sherry & jack


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