Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Evening storm

It's been beautiful for most of the day. Our great nephew Jordan stayed with us today. He had a swim meet last night, and he didn't do well. I'm not sure if he was distracted, tired, or wasn't feeling well, but his performance bothered him.

When I was his age and did badly in a ballgame, I'd beat myself up for about three minutes, and then I'd go looking for a hotdog and some Grapico.

Jordan got the royal treatment for most of the day. He got popsicles, watermelon (one of his favorites), and for lunch, Jilda whipped up mac and cheese, corn on the cob, and baked chicken. By the time he went home, he was feeling much better.

I dropped Jilda off at work and drove to Starbucks. That's our routine on Wednesday. I'll get a coffee and a New York Times and work on my column while she's working.

On the way home, we could see clouds gathering on the western horizon.  We ran through some showers, but by the time we pulled into the driveway, the sun was blazing.

While munching on supper, I heard thunder again. When I walked outside, there was a patch of blue sky to the south, but clouds were moving in.

I snapped a picture of the field between our house and the barn. It was beautiful in color, but the black and white made it more dramatic don't you think.


  1. Yes, the black and white is very dramatic.

  2. YES, I like the black and white effect! Also if Jordan can be spoilt y'all can do it! He is a good kid.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I was so bad at baseball I didn't even keep the bench warm, I also hated swim meets, Jordan shouldn't take it so bad, but you need to spoil him anyway.

  4. That is an incredibly dramatic photo.
    Of course Jordan felt better after time with you and Jilda. The treats were a bonus, but I suspect just your presence was the comfort he needed.

  5. Yes the black and white makes a dramatic difference but it also brings out the beauty of a storm. I could sit there all day and look at those clouds roll in. I love summer afternoon storms.

  6. It does look dramatic.
    Poor Jordyn, his biorhythm must have been all the way down. He has to learn that this is only temporary. The next time he will do fantastic.
    Hugs, Julia

  7. In black and white the clouds look ominous. It is a fantastic picture.

  8. I love the photo and am expecting Frankenstein to be wandering about..very atmospheric. You boy deserves the watermelon and should not beat himself up because he did his best

  9. Feel like we have watched Jordan grow up! Glad you two are part of his life.


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