Sunday, June 30, 2019


Back in early spring, Jilda and I visited her holder sister Nell. She loves gardening more than we do...if that is possible. Before we left, she gave us several packages of sunflower seeds. One packet was lemon drop sunflowers and another that she did not name. The lemon drop flowers are about the size of a softball and the color of butter. A flower from the other packet bloomed this week. It was bright orange.

Bees love the Zinnias, but Sunflowers provide nectar and pollen which is a good thing for beefolk.

I snapped pictures of both colors of sunflowers, but I'm posting the orange one. This is an unedited picture I took midmorning with my iPhone.


  1. As usual I'm behind on blogging but your previous post had a lovely pic of you and Jilda. A blogger cruise sounds like a ton of fun! This is a beautiful flower and I will look forward to future shots of your sunflowers. I love them but only grew them one year. Have a good July 4th!

  2. Just beautiful - and not a colour sunflower I have seen. I believe there are brilliant red ones too.

  3. I have never seen that color sunflower before! Nice!

  4. Maybe it's sunburnt? It is so pretty.

  5. This is a sunflower?? I never saw a colour like’s beautiful


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