Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Interviewing veterans

The paper now refers most of the military and veteran feature stories to me. Since I'm the only one working there that has been to boot camp, they figure I have a point of reference. Veterans tend to open up a little when they realize I've worn the uniform. That's OK with me.

Today, I interviewed a Vietnam veteran who served in 67 and 68. He was wounded three times before leaving South East Asia.

His story put chills on both my arms.

His sons kept encouraging him to write his story down. After more than 50 years, he did. I got an autographed copy of his book but I have not yet read it. The title is Jimmy, The Marine.

This is another story I'll post once it publishes toward the end of June.

In other news, the Zinnias are blooming. This evening when Jilda stepped down to get a jalapeno for the pasta, I went down and leaned on the fence to make sure she picked a good one.

I realized that the Old Maids have been blooming for several days and I haven't snapped the first picture. I fixed that tonight.


  1. So many good stories if people would only write them.

  2. I'll try to read the veteran's story. Many things About Viet Nam are still too raw for me to bear.

  3. I am glad he listened to his children before his story was lost to them - and us.

  4. The veteran's life story is a great legacy to leave to his children, relatives, friends and his community. It's not about the money the book will bring but the gift of memories that this veteran is leaving behind for generations. I bet his family is proud of him.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. It is sorta amazing you being the only vet there. BUT yes I am sure you understand the vet a lot more than someone who has not answered 'Reveille' relaxed to TAPS!
    Good one and look forward to more of course. Beautiful flowers!

    Sherry & jack over in NC

  6. Oh I am eager to find out about his story. I will look forward to reading this. Today is, of course, D-Day and the Canadians landed on Juno Beach and went further inland than anyone else that day. This helped the Americans who would facing fierce opposition so more Germans could not help the other German soldiers fight the Americans. Sorry for going on here but, unless one watches Canadian news, there is never a,mention of the Canadians fighting on D Day. I only hear Americans and English. There are so few veterans now and we need to hear their stories. Just know that I hold my utmost respect to all the soldiers who fought on D-Day. Ok I’ll stop now and just enjoy the beautiful flowers you took a picture of

  7. One of our very good friends is a Vietnam Vet and has only told his story in the last few years. He took his sons with him last year to revisit Vietnam as a tourist and too see what has happened to the country. It was a healing visit and so cool that he took his sons. He was featured last year in our newspaper..I imagine you could have written a wonderful article on him.


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