Thursday, June 20, 2019

Last day of spring

I had an interview this morning. When arranging a place for the interview, the subject suggested the clubhouse at the local golf course.

The town where I was born has a beautiful municipal golf course and they built a new clubhouse a few years ago.

While I waited, I ordered a cup of coffee and sat on the deck overlooking one of the green. The clouds look more threatening than they were. A front moved in from the west and swept the clouds off to the east like yesterday's news.

While I waited, I could help but snap a picture.

By this afternoon, the last day of spring looked like a page from a magazine.


  1. That looks like a difficult hole.

  2. I don't play golf, but I love the green of a golf course.

  3. The clouds do look threatening and the greens look to be meticulously kept.

  4. It doesn't even look real. What a lovely view.


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