Thursday, June 27, 2019

Important work

Today has been interesting. I had an opportunity to interview a WWII veteran from my hometown who was part of the invasion at Normandy.  He's 95 years old and a few weeks ago, he went back to France for the anniversary of that invasion. It was incredible.

Two members of the paper's video team went with me and I had an opportunity to watch them set up to video the interview. 

It was important work. It's why I love doing what I do.

The only downside is the veteran now lives in North Alabama about 120 miles away so I've spent a lot of time behind the wheel.

Fun ain't cheap.

The image below has nothing to do with what I did today. I just liked the picture.


  1. Flowers look like the Fourth of July fireworks.

  2. We have those silk trees too, and they are delightful things.
    What a fascinating interview that must have been - work which is a pleasure.

  3. Great story, I can only imagine the interesting interview and look forward to more.
    Neat picture...
    From NC
    Sherry & jack

  4. Fireworks is the first thought that came to mind. It is a beautiful picture. I can't wait to read the article about the veteran.

  5. He was part of the Norman invasion? He must be older than 95! Just kidding. I know what you mean. I'm sure it was fascinating to meet him. When I was a reporter, I learned that everyone has a story and every story is interesting.


    1. I was so tired I felt like I could have been a part of the Normand invasion:)
      Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. Dear Rick, it's been four months since I've read your blog postings and a lot has happening. But I bet that interviewing the WWII vet was a highlight of your thus far. To travel all the way to France for the anniversary gathering indicates just how much integrity and persistence he has. He's this way at 95. What must he have been like at 20! Peace.


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