Sunday, June 02, 2019

Miracle bath

This is been a busy weekend. We only had a few things on our calendar, but tonight we are both bone tired. 

My friend Julia owned a cattle farm with her husband and before she retired, I felt drained just reading the work she did each day. 

Even though we don't have cattle, we have fruit trees, bushes, flowers, chickens, bees, dogs, nieces, and nephews, and promises that we've made.  All of these things required time. 

Fortunately, Jilda and I took time to have a slow leisurely lunch yesterday at a local restaurant that we love.

Tonight I'm taking a hot bath with some kind of miracle joo-joo potion that Jilda mixes up with Epsom salts, and other ingredients. I think she does a chant and a little dance before turning off the water. It makes me feel taller when I step out of the tub.


  1. Ahhhhh, you found a beautiful lady to photograph! Just wondering id she is awaiting that 'taller' guy you became stepping from the magic potion!
    From a great day in the Carolinas,
    jack & Sherry!

  2. Hooray for beautiful talented women. And for Miracle baths.

  3. I may be retired from the calves and barn work but after lounging all winter, my body is taking a real beating every day I work in the yard. I must try that magic epsom salt and lavender oil bath to see how it relaxes my muscles but I doubt that George will dance around the tub for me.

    Nice photo of Jilda.
    Hugs, Julia

  4. A nice relaxing day seems to be just the ticket. Everyone needs to occasionally take that time just for themselves.

  5. I love hot baths with miracle bubbles or just bubbles

  6. Miracle baths are the best!

  7. A nice soak in the tub is always great. It sounds like you had a great day


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