Saturday, June 22, 2019

Things of value

I drove by the old school this past week. To be more accurate I drove by where the old school once stood. It burned a few years after the county built the new school. All that's left is the entryway of the old football field and the gymnasium.

These two structures were built during the depression by the Civilian Conservation Corps. 

FDR put people to work during the depression. They built things of value. This was not wus-work. They dug stones for quarries, hauled them to cities, towns, and villages. 

With toil, sweat, and well-earned muscle they built useful things. Things like bridges, libraries, schools, gyms, jails, and tunnels. 

As I drove through the ghost of a past town, something struck me. The things the CCC built over 80 years ago are still standing. They may no longer be in use, but they could be.

This entry gate that fans of the Dora High School Bulldogs walked through for many years is still standing.

I would venture to say that baring vandalism of some kind of natural disaster, it will be standing after we're all dust.


  1. My High School Stadium was built the same way...they still play there Saturdays in the Fall.

  2. The CCC did some amazing work around the country ~ especially our park system. It's really too bad our government doesn't bring it back on a local level to improve our infrastructure. It gave a lot of our young men a skill they could use after their service was over....

  3. YES! my dad worked in FDR's generated programs, but drove to Florida from North GA to do it.

    YES very useful projects were constructed and helped the USA dig its way out of CHAOS!

  4. There are still brick roads (like parts of Michigan Avenue) still in Detroit. All built by the WPA.

  5. Truly impressive. And outlasting rather a lot of the buildings built in recent years.

  6. A sturdy memorial to a difficult time in the past.

  7. I've been to a lot of places that had work done by the CCC. It would be wise to bring it back. Does it make you sad to see the burned-out shell of your school? My first school is still standing, although it must be very old by now. I would like to visit little Haven, Kansas, and see everything one more time, but not a lot is left. Most of the businesses have closed. The bank is still there and the Methodist Church where we belonged. People still live there, but to do much of any shopping they have to go to the big city of Hutchinson, which I discovered is a pretty small town but not as small as Haven.


  8. I love to see old stone walls and signs that are still standing. Im glad this one has been left alone.


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