Monday, June 10, 2019

How does your garden grow

We're growing our tomatoes, eggplant, and onions in raised beds this year. Jilda prefers planting in the ground, but keeping the weeds out of raised beds is much easier.

Each morning we step down there and talk to them. I'm also keeping a close eye out for cutworms. Those evil critters can butcher healthy plants in no time.

This morning after a brief rain shower, the sun came out. We headed out to walk the dogs before the rain started again. When I swung by the tomatoes, I decided to snap a picture to show you their progress.

About another week or so and we'll be munching on BLTs with the T's coming from our garden.



  1. We do raised beds with good results. Our tomatoes are no where near the growth that yours our but we start later up here in the North. My son loves my fried green tomatoes and loves a fried green tomato BLT...yum! Your crop is looking delish!

  2. Home grown tomatoes are bliss. I need to consider raised beds. Dragging my aging and increasingly infirm body to the ground and back up again is challenging.

  3. Look at your tomatoes! We don’t have tomatoes until August. We want to have a raised bed for some veggies as well.

  4. Raised beds make weeding easier. Those tomatoes hold much promise.

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  6. We prefer garden boxes or raised beds as well.
    Your tomatoes look so pretty! Nothing beats a mater samich in the Summer.

  7. Mine are just starting to produce, not as abundant as yours.

  8. Nice healthy tomato plant and so early. I agree, raised bed makes weeding much easier. I wish I had raised bed for all my gardens. So far, I'm growing carrots in a raised bed on my deck. I hope that they will do well.

  9. YOU MAKE ME SICK!!!! I only have blooms. But I did start late. I have one in a pot and the other 5 plants are in the ground. We will only grow tomatoes and hope we are here to harvest them.
    You guys do good at growing, I usually kill mine for some reason. either over watering or over feeding. I am trying to be reasonable this year, I do love a fresh tomato and yours look GREAT!
    Sherry & jack

  10. I see fried green tomatoes hanging there.

  11. growing your own food is great


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