Friday, June 21, 2019

Water Gun Party

I'll probably have to launch a Go Gund Me page to help pay my water bill this month. As I mentioned last week, our great nephew Anthony wanted to have his birthday party at our house. Well, today was the day.

The brought a sack full of super soakers, water pistols, and every kind of squirting device made. They even brought devices to fill water balloons. 

It was 97 degrees when the party started, but the backyard was shady, but after everyone was soaked to the bone, it didn't feel that bad.

They had a large time. Grown-ups who looked in on them from time to time were soaked too. It was that kind of party.


  1. Those smiles say it all.

  2. They look happy. At least your lawn was treated to a refreshing drink too. Happy Birthday Anthony.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. What fun! All the water things was a stroke of genius. Once they got home, dry, and warm those kids probably all went right to sleep.

  4. Water balloons were my favorite.


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