Sunday, June 23, 2019

Proud father

I've been watching them for days. Like an expectant father, I've hovered. Each time I went by, I said soothing words. I coaxed. I bragged. I ask Mother Nature for her special favors.

Then a few days ago it started. It was unnoticeable at first, at least to the casual observer, but I saw it. A subtle change in the mornings before the due had a chance to join the larger cause...which was to make the air drinkable.

Then today, it was time. Of course, I had to document it with a picture. If I could have gotten low enough, I would have taken a selfie with them. But I decided, they could stand on their own.

Our first tommy toe tomatoes.


  1. Yum. With more of those sweet jewels on the way.

  2. Wow! I love tommy toe tomatoes. Looks like a salad for you in a few days.

  3. I see a salad in your future.

  4. Aw shucks, I have loved Tommy Toes all my life. Funny thing when I sais that to my new military friends, they looked at me funny, They are just cherry tomatoes they said... Little did they know. If mama said they wer Tommy Toes, that is what they will always be. hahahahah
    They look great...

  5. Aw, they're adorable!

  6. Awww..even veggies are cute when they are little..delish too! Enjoy!

  7. oh...yum, yum, yum


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