Friday, April 14, 2006


Our high school alumni reunion this year is honoring the class of 1956. I was five years old that year. I'm putting together a slideshow with music for the event next Saturday and it's been an experience. I scanned all the photos today from their annual. I also looked online for the things that was popular that year. Paging through the list put a smile on my face because it is so different than today.
In 1956 the songs that were popular were all across the spectrum....obviously there was not hip hop/rap, but you had Elvis, Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Little Richard and Johnny awesome is that?
The top movie that year was Giant with James Dean...the king of cool. In 1956 the kids were still grieving for James who left us in September of 55.
Flat tops were the rage and it was common to have pistol-legged jeans with white tee shirts and kids somewhere might have rebelled, but the kids in Dora, Alabama still said yes mam and no sir. They might have driven souped up flat-head Fords and rolled up cigarettes in the shirt sleeves but for the most part their parents words were the law.
Times have changed and I know technology, music, movies and the culture have changed our lives a great deal. Most days I would say it was for the better....but looking back at the faces of the kids that donned caps and gowns in 1956 I wonder if they had something that the kids that came later will never know.
I think I'll ask that question next week as they celebrate their 50th class reunion.

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